Sunday, April 05, 2009

Satellites Predicting Animal Extinction?

As the end of one world age is quickly coming to an end, the beginning of another world age is beginning. We are completing a long cycle of 5,125 years within a greater cycle of over 26,000 years. What is exciting is to see the advances in technology that will assist us in making different choices that are life-affirming and advance our evolution of consciousness.

One of the main problems in talking with the animals is their concern with competing resources. Humans are competing with the wild animals for the same resources that are either depleting or going extinct. We continue to encroach upon their territory, often leaving them with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. The animal will pay the price as we view them as a threat. In most of the species, the numbers are dwindling at a record pace. What are some of the solutions?

In the following article, using satellite imaging as a potential to identify the impact of the rapidly changing climate temperatures on vast wilderness areas could establish priorities of action before a species goes extinct. What opportunity does this also have to bring, from the human perspective, a spirit of cooperation to work with nature instead of controlling it? What difference would that make in our sharing instead of competing for the same resources? How many animals could we help to survive in addition to ourselves? After all, the satellite is providing information for us from a higher perspective than the one we currently have. What do you think?