Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiet Powerful Shatia

Have you ever sat in the woods and watched the wildlife? It might have taken a while before you noticed how many creatures were stirring around you. If you had not been quiet, you would have passed them by. But once you noticed them, they made your heart jump with excitement. So, it was with Shatia.

Shatia, a Canadian Lynx, was generally quiet even though she was on the tour path. The Canadian Lynx are not as pretty as some of the other cats; however, what she may have lacked in outer beauty, she more than made up for with her inner beauty.

Shatia, like the other cats, had her favorite volunteers. Most of the time, you wouldn't see her unless you were a favorite, and then you would get excited when she would come out to greet you. Even though she was old and her body was tired, she loved her enrichment. It would take her a few minutes to get up from under the heavy, dense foliage which kept her cool and come to see what you had left.

It was Shatia's grace and inner landscape that had the most affect upon me. She didn't have the WOW factor that some of the other cats have at the sanctuary. But she noticed everything and everyone that passed her way. She made a difference in my life and although she has left her physical body, her spirit remains reminding us to look beyond what the eyes can see. That which has no name is what is real. That was the essence of Shatia.