Thursday, April 02, 2009

Are cats the new lawnmowers?

If you have recently been out to the sanctuary, did you notice the cats eating a lot of grass? I asked a gentleman the other day why he thought Raindance was eating all the grass she could eat. She would sniff of a bunch of new springs and start chewing and then move on to the next new springs. I chuckled at his reply, "She's a lawnmower. How often do you go into their Cat-A-Tat's to mow?"

Although he had a good point, the cats are reminding us that their metabolisms mirror the transitional nature of the season. Our bodies are no different. We have forgotten that spring is the perfect time to detox the waste that we have accumulated through the winter. Everything is budding and growing again, and to assist our bodies in a natural, renewal process, it's the perfect time to especially cleanse our livers. The cats know when they eat anything green, it adds oxygen to the body. This is nature's way of keeping the internal environment healthy. So, the next time you see a cat eating grass, as you creatively think about what kind of lawnmower they remind you of, thank them for reminding us to eat our greens.