Saturday, November 08, 2008

Cats Grieving

When a cat passes away at the sanctuary, I am often asked if the other cats grieve. If so, which ones? Animals are sentient beings and have very deep and complex emotional lives. It is incredible the communication that continually occurs between animals. We are seldom aware of this silent world. It is more real than the physical one that our five senses deem as truth and the only reality.

There is constant chatter, even if the cats are living at opposite ends of the sanctuary since they know there is no space or distance as we are all energetically connected. When I first started talking with the cats over two years ago, it was amazing to hear who were the different leaders of the sanctuary. Some of the cats who are best friends don't even live next to each other. How can that be? That is a belief system we have been conditioned to accept because we believe in separation, animals don't. There is only the "One."

When Shadow died, it has been extremely difficult for Sugar and most of the other cats. Shadow was a favorite among the community. He was always ready to talk and listen. He was kind and gentle, and the girls loved him. Animals display grief just like we do. They can quit eating and sometimes give up their will to live because of the close connection. They get depressed and miss their companion or friend. Often times, the spirit stays around before moving on to help comfort those left behind. It is the same with the animals. Sugar feels Shadow's presence and knows he is there, just not in the physical. It can be confusing because the other world is very, very real. I ask everyone who reads this to send Sugar a prayer for comfort and peace. Send her love from your heart and let her know, she is loved, and everything is going to be okay.

Sugar and Shadow Reunited

As love stories are told from the heart, their messages penetrate the depths of our souls. They are spoken in Soul Language, something our heads don't understand. Anncient wisdom explains this more fully by the saying "two becoming as one." We can be so deeply in love and connected with another that when that spirit leaves the physical world, something within us also leaves. To some, this is their idea of a soul mate. Although soul mates are a reality, very seldom do we find them. Most people don't believe the concept of a "soul mate." Sugar would like those people to know she had found hers and when he left his physical body, her heart was broken, and she fell into deep grieving.

It is possible to love someone so much you don't want to live without them. Can animals experience the same? Indeed they can. At the sanctuary, I never thought of Shadow without Sugar coming to mind and vice versa. They were so connected, you could feel the "oneness." There was never any doubt how much love these two cougars felt for one another. You could see the tender care each of them shared. She was the quiet one. Of course, it would have been difficult if both of them talked as much as Shadow. They took turns grooming each other and when they played, there was an air of flirting. Shadow would take the lead, and Sugar looked up to Shadow for cues.

Words cannot express the amount of loss with the physical passing of these two incredible spirits. Sugar couldn't wait to be reunited with her soul mate and left her physical body one month and one day after Shadow left. No matter what the physical ailment was that caused her body to take its last breath, the root cause was a broken heart. She had no will to live. Life wasn't life without Shadow. I know they are both happy to be together again. As I look at their empty Cat-A-Tat, although I am not able to see their physical bodies, I feel the love they shared and know only that love is real, everything else truly is just an illusion. It has truly been an honor and privilege. Thank you Shadow. Thank you Sugar. Your love story will always be in my heart. Let the angels care for these two precious spirits as they continue their love story in the light.