Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Auroara's Last Wish

"My bones hurt, and my body is extremely tired," Auroara said yesterday as I talked with her. "Do you want help?" "No," she replied. "I am ready to leave my physical body behind. The pain will not go away, and I want to leave." I knew in my heart, she would soon be gone. "Auroara, what has been your life purpose? Have you completed what you came back to do?"

Her voice was now soft as her vital energy was beginning to depart from her body as she responded. "In search of perfection, there is always much suffering. Perfection does not exist. I was born from an intent of breeding for the perfect tiger. I was not born the way they expected me to look. There was damage in the information that tells my body how to form at a deep level. I chose to come anyway allowing my "imperfect" body to awaken awareness within you."

I watched Auroara as she lowered her head. "What becomes of those things that are not perfect? What becomes of them? How quickly you move on to something else. The "imperfect" ones are rejected and forgotten. You are beginning to see with your heart the silent suffering that is endured in your quest to obtain something that does not exist. Know there are others like me whose purpose is to bring awareness that in the process of creating perfection, there is always suffering that never ends. The only thing that is created is silent suffering. As I leave my physical body, I ask you to quit trying to create perfection, for it will never be. Be in harmony with nature, not in control of it."

As I closed my eyes to hold back the tears, my hands crossed my heart as I saw the southern, charming tiger full of energy as she dashed quickly through a dense jungle. Auroara's body was like a young kitten. She was home, and her spirit was free at last.