Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Call of the Wild

If you have ever been on a tour at Big Cat Rescue, you will be familiar with an animal who is not really a cat but who calls the sanctuary home. You may have seen a furry hair ball in the tree or a furry hair ball with a big, long tail sweeping the ground as you passed by. A scent of buttered popcorn or doritos always accompanied these fur balls or otherwise known as bear cats or binturongs. Big Cat Rescue had four until last week and now there are only three.

In remembering Mocha, I will never forget how food aggressive she was when she wanted to eat. Notice I said, when SHE wanted to eat. Although she was not a cat, I believe she thought she was because nothing, no thing could get her down from the trees unless she wanted to come down. I had often thought of suggesting having a "Calling Contest" to see which volunteer could perfect the art of calling her to come eat her food. We couldn't leave her variety of fruits on her plate because of the rats that would wait until she had eaten her fill and then rush in to grab the leftovers. So, it was very important that we made sure she ate when dinner was being served.

In trying to get Mocha to come and eat, I heard some very interesting calls. "Here, kitty, kitty or Moooooocha." "Where's Mocha," someone would ask as they carried her dish around spying into the bushes. Mocha would lay waiting, watching and probably laughing as the volunteers would try to perfect the call of the wild, trying to seduce Mocha out of her treehouse. I have seen pieces of bananas tossed in the air so Mocha could catch the hint of dinner. I have waited in the hot sun patiently waiting for Mocha to make a decision. If it has been thought of, it was tried and yet at the end of the day, the volunteers never gave up trying new techniques and calls as Mocha very seldom answered any attempt to lure her to dinner. Thank you Mocha for stirring our creative spirits and allowing us the opportunity to be crazy for just a moment.