Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What Drove Daisy Wild

Serval at Big Cat RescueFollowing the scent of the spice bag, Daisy would never take her eyes off the anticipated treat. She would hiss, and you could almost hear her say, "Hurry up. What is taking you so long to get over here?" It didn't matter that she was a senior. She hid her age well and was quick to snatch her enrichment. She would ask if you had anymore as soon as you gave her a neck tube or spice bag. Most of the time, she would beg for more.

Loud noises made her nervous, and often she would pace as yard work was buzzing around her. Large tree branches and nests made of pine needles would hide her resting body, and you would have to make several trips around her Cat-A-Tat to make sure she was still in her home.

Daisy was a pleasure to be around. Most of the time, she wasn't interested in helping you clean or making sure you were doing it right. She really enjoyed taking in all the action and wanted to be included in whatever was happening in her own way. She was a typical Serval and whenever you would greet her, the Serval hiss wasn't far behind.

Another special spirit that called the sanctuary home for a long time now has a new home. She is running free and has no limitations. Daisy blessed all of us who knew her, and she is going to be missed. It's difficult to say "Farewell my friend" as we realize we have been in the presence of another wise spirit who helped us remember our connection with the animal kingdom. Thank you Daisy.