Monday, July 14, 2008

Spirit Tails

In Japan, there is ancient dog folklore that prevails providing an explanation that when a dog howls for no apparent reason, it usually portends the death of one close by. Science will explain this as animals having excellent olfactory and auditory perceptions which enables them to see and hear things beyond the spectrum perceivable by humans. But, what if....they have supernatural vision that enables them to see spirits and this is what they are howling about?

At the sanctuary, Halleluah, a male southern cougar, has always been a mischievous cat. History is full of folklore regarding cats. But, what does a howling dog and a mischievous cougar have in common? It appears as though Halleluah also howls when a cat at the sanctuary is preparing to cross over the rainbow bridge. Is it possible Hal sees the spirit of the cat as it is leaving it's body? Is this his way of saying good-bye or he is warning us that a cat has made a decision to leave it's physical body and move on? Can the cats see the spirits in their true forms?

The idea that a cat can discern a spirit is nothing new. We have lost our natural connections with these animals, and the way they communicate. Whatever you choose to believe, there is no logical explanation for Hal's howling. However, if you are ready to explore other worlds, the cats will lead you into other realms long forgotten by humans. You decide-is the howling only folklore or is Hal helping us remember spirit tails are true?