Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Shadow Knows

It had been raining since early morning, and the tours at the sanctuary were preparing to see the cats. You have to keep in mind, they ARE cats. They aren't much different than your domestic house cat except in size. People are always surprised when they notice how similar they are. Some of the guests were commenting on this observation when we all approached Cougar Lane.

Hallelujah and Enya were flirting as they dashed back and forth. He also was flirting with Tobi, who was ignoring him. The cougar babies were frisking and leaping in the air playing hide and seek with each other. Aspen Echo was hiding until Becky, one of her favorite volunteers, passed by begging her to come see the people. Sugar was in her den with only her eyes moving as the tour approached her. Anxious to see Shadow, I looked everywhere. Calling his name, I waited to hear his familiar voice. Nothing. Calling. Waiting. Nothing. It's not like Shadow to miss an opportunity to talk, so I shut my eyes to see where he was. I saw him at the back of his home and sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I saw he had something he was playing with. I had to find out what had his attention and get caught up on what only The Shadow Knows.

"It's all about timing," Shadow said as he held the lizard by his tail. I didn't think timing had any relevance when you are a small lizard being held down by a big paw except being short. "We have a relationship," he continued as I looked at Shadow and laughed wondering what kind of relationship the lizard thought they had. As the lizard struggled, I asked Shadow why he didn't go ahead and kill it to end it's suffering. "You have to know when to let something go. If you let go too early, you can have regrets. If you let go too late, you have spent too much energy and feel drained." As soon as he spoke, he lifted his paw and the lizard ran away. He turned around and said, "It also determines the amount of fun you have." I would have never guessed I could have learned about timing from a lizard and a cougar but by now, I am never surprised about what The Shadow Knows.