Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ears of an Angel

Most of you know Snorkel as the sanctuary's deaf tiger who likes to communicate using the alphabet. I never assume I know anything and having that mindset allows all possibilities to manifest. For example, Big Cat Rescue has a party house that can be leased for birthday parties, corporate meetings, family reunions and the list goes on. As a volunteer, you get to do so many different things, you never get bored.

On a recent Saturday, there was a corporate tour, and they were having their lunch catered at the party house. I was assigned to help prepare for the tour. As several of the volunteers rode the golf carts to the party house, we passed by Snorkel and some of the other tigers who are not on the tour path. Fortunately, we did not have the key for the gate and had to wait...right by Snorkel. As we were waiting, I asked Snorkel to come out. A few minutes later, his sleepy body was stretching and chuffing. He came over to me and sat down.

As I looked at Snorkel and he looked at me, I thought, how beautiful these majestic creatures are. What are we going to do when they are gone? How do we explain to our children and generations from now when the consciousness has changed, that in our lifetime, we killed the tigers for their body parts? Was there a different message that could have saved them?

Unlike Snorkel's usual communication, I heard him say, "Potency comes from your heart, not from animal parts." It is your heart that has the power to create who and what you are and can heal anything. It is not an external force or object that can serve as a substitute which is illusionary power. Perhaps this divine wisdom from a deaf tiger who has the ears of an angel is the message that can go forth to help save this ancient species.