Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paid to kill a Tiger...

Listen in as Animal Communicator, Laura Lassiter talks with Snorkel the Tiger, about the problems these magnificent cats face in the wild and what we can do to help.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Spirit Tails

In Japan, there is ancient dog folklore that prevails providing an explanation that when a dog howls for no apparent reason, it usually portends the death of one close by. Science will explain this as animals having excellent olfactory and auditory perceptions which enables them to see and hear things beyond the spectrum perceivable by humans. But, what if....they have supernatural vision that enables them to see spirits and this is what they are howling about?

At the sanctuary, Halleluah, a male southern cougar, has always been a mischievous cat. History is full of folklore regarding cats. But, what does a howling dog and a mischievous cougar have in common? It appears as though Halleluah also howls when a cat at the sanctuary is preparing to cross over the rainbow bridge. Is it possible Hal sees the spirit of the cat as it is leaving it's body? Is this his way of saying good-bye or he is warning us that a cat has made a decision to leave it's physical body and move on? Can the cats see the spirits in their true forms?

The idea that a cat can discern a spirit is nothing new. We have lost our natural connections with these animals, and the way they communicate. Whatever you choose to believe, there is no logical explanation for Hal's howling. However, if you are ready to explore other worlds, the cats will lead you into other realms long forgotten by humans. You decide-is the howling only folklore or is Hal helping us remember spirit tails are true?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What Drove Daisy Wild

Serval at Big Cat RescueFollowing the scent of the spice bag, Daisy would never take her eyes off the anticipated treat. She would hiss, and you could almost hear her say, "Hurry up. What is taking you so long to get over here?" It didn't matter that she was a senior. She hid her age well and was quick to snatch her enrichment. She would ask if you had anymore as soon as you gave her a neck tube or spice bag. Most of the time, she would beg for more.

Loud noises made her nervous, and often she would pace as yard work was buzzing around her. Large tree branches and nests made of pine needles would hide her resting body, and you would have to make several trips around her Cat-A-Tat to make sure she was still in her home.

Daisy was a pleasure to be around. Most of the time, she wasn't interested in helping you clean or making sure you were doing it right. She really enjoyed taking in all the action and wanted to be included in whatever was happening in her own way. She was a typical Serval and whenever you would greet her, the Serval hiss wasn't far behind.

Another special spirit that called the sanctuary home for a long time now has a new home. She is running free and has no limitations. Daisy blessed all of us who knew her, and she is going to be missed. It's difficult to say "Farewell my friend" as we realize we have been in the presence of another wise spirit who helped us remember our connection with the animal kingdom. Thank you Daisy.

Ears of an Angel

Most of you know Snorkel as the sanctuary's deaf tiger who likes to communicate using the alphabet. I never assume I know anything and having that mindset allows all possibilities to manifest. For example, Big Cat Rescue has a party house that can be leased for birthday parties, corporate meetings, family reunions and the list goes on. As a volunteer, you get to do so many different things, you never get bored.

On a recent Saturday, there was a corporate tour, and they were having their lunch catered at the party house. I was assigned to help prepare for the tour. As several of the volunteers rode the golf carts to the party house, we passed by Snorkel and some of the other tigers who are not on the tour path. Fortunately, we did not have the key for the gate and had to wait...right by Snorkel. As we were waiting, I asked Snorkel to come out. A few minutes later, his sleepy body was stretching and chuffing. He came over to me and sat down.

As I looked at Snorkel and he looked at me, I thought, how beautiful these majestic creatures are. What are we going to do when they are gone? How do we explain to our children and generations from now when the consciousness has changed, that in our lifetime, we killed the tigers for their body parts? Was there a different message that could have saved them?

Unlike Snorkel's usual communication, I heard him say, "Potency comes from your heart, not from animal parts." It is your heart that has the power to create who and what you are and can heal anything. It is not an external force or object that can serve as a substitute which is illusionary power. Perhaps this divine wisdom from a deaf tiger who has the ears of an angel is the message that can go forth to help save this ancient species.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Shadow Knows

It had been raining since early morning, and the tours at the sanctuary were preparing to see the cats. You have to keep in mind, they ARE cats. They aren't much different than your domestic house cat except in size. People are always surprised when they notice how similar they are. Some of the guests were commenting on this observation when we all approached Cougar Lane.

Hallelujah and Enya were flirting as they dashed back and forth. He also was flirting with Tobi, who was ignoring him. The cougar babies were frisking and leaping in the air playing hide and seek with each other. Aspen Echo was hiding until Becky, one of her favorite volunteers, passed by begging her to come see the people. Sugar was in her den with only her eyes moving as the tour approached her. Anxious to see Shadow, I looked everywhere. Calling his name, I waited to hear his familiar voice. Nothing. Calling. Waiting. Nothing. It's not like Shadow to miss an opportunity to talk, so I shut my eyes to see where he was. I saw him at the back of his home and sure enough, when I opened my eyes, I saw he had something he was playing with. I had to find out what had his attention and get caught up on what only The Shadow Knows.

"It's all about timing," Shadow said as he held the lizard by his tail. I didn't think timing had any relevance when you are a small lizard being held down by a big paw except being short. "We have a relationship," he continued as I looked at Shadow and laughed wondering what kind of relationship the lizard thought they had. As the lizard struggled, I asked Shadow why he didn't go ahead and kill it to end it's suffering. "You have to know when to let something go. If you let go too early, you can have regrets. If you let go too late, you have spent too much energy and feel drained." As soon as he spoke, he lifted his paw and the lizard ran away. He turned around and said, "It also determines the amount of fun you have." I would have never guessed I could have learned about timing from a lizard and a cougar but by now, I am never surprised about what The Shadow Knows.


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that emotions are neither good or bad. They are just information. Would remembering this help you to stay in the present moment when you are losing control of your emotions?"