Monday, June 23, 2008

Weapons for Mass Destruction

Wild, exotic cats. Lots of them that have been abused, abandoned or rescued. Some of them have emotional issues with people because they haven't had good experiences with them. Yet, others are sweet. All of them are wild. So, what do you do for flea and tick prevention to help the cats? Big Cat Rescue solved the problem by getting weapons for mass destruction-Guinea Hens.

That's right. Guinea Hens. The cats know the Guinea Hens as a snack if they dare come too close or get behind the barricades. But people who come to visit the cats, often ask...."What's that?" It's hard to ignore them because they make as much noise as the wild peacocks that roam the sanctuary. I think that is one of the main reasons the cats hide and wait for one to get too close. The cats like quiet and are ready to have less chattering going on continually, and they have come up with their own solutions.

The Guineas are quite entertaining as they will follow you and run like a ghost is chasing them. In actuality, they see things we don't and will chase a bug, insect or tick until it is ready to eat them. Their favorite snack-the tick. It's a win-win for everyone. Guineas are low-maintenance and inexpensive. They function as a natural pest control. The cats are helped in a non-toxic way, and the birds need lots of area to roam. But, in the end, the cats don't care how much the Guineas are helping them because they taste just like chicken.