Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hair of the Rabbit

Saturday, the cats got their weekly treat of whole prey. For the smaller cats, this includes a frozen rabbit. In this heat, they think of their prey as a hairy, frozen rabbitcicle. You get the picture. You can imagine how exciting it is for them. But, can you imagine how exciting it is for the volunteers to gather up any remains (and I do mean remains) while the cat is protecting it?

This was the challenge on Sunday as several of the volunteers saw mounds of leaves we knew didn't hide their daily deposits. We went around their habitats several times seeking signs of.....anything. Finding nothing but hair, we knew the cats had buried their possession in one of the stacked mounds. We have to clean everything out of their homes daily to keep them healthy and safe. The cats appreciate this effort; however, being a cat, they are prone to changing their minds especially if it is something they want and this was no exception.

It took us several minutes to remove the rabbit from Amazing Grace's habitat as the size of her cage openings are about 2" in width. By the time we got through, hair was everywhere. Grace had done her job well at removing most of the hair and when we saw her, she looked premature grey overnight as the white rabbit hair was all over her face and whiskers. About the time we thought we were through, we heard the famous ocelot growl and turned around, only to see Purr-fection had the same white mustache. The lesson from the cats-you never have a bad hair day.