Monday, June 02, 2008

Dance with Me

Summer isn't here yet but the blasts of hot, humid air are deceiving us into believing it is August, not the beginning of June. The cats are trying to keep cool and conserve their energy by hiding in their dens and under shade trees. The hint of rain was only an illusion until yesterday when a big, unexpected thunderstorm blew through drenching everything with much needed water.

The day before the storm moved in, you could observe Raindance, a very friendly bobcat, pacing back and forth, running (as much as Raindance can run with the extra weight) to and fro and not stopping no matter how much her name was called. I wondered why all the activity especially in the early morning, and I was very surprised at her answer.

"Have you forgotten how to control the weather with your intention?" she asked. "Yes," I replied as I had not cloud-busted since my teenage years. "All it takes is raising your energy, focusing on what you want, believing it is done and letting it GO." Wow, she made is sound so simple but as I watched her, I could see by running, she was raising her energy (contrary to what it may appear), concentrating on whatever she was thinking about and then quit. Nothing happened that day; however, the next day when the storm blew in, I heard Raindance say, "Come dance with me and remember your power." Whether you believe cats like rain or not, we are discovering, they do like to dance.