Monday, June 02, 2008

Buffy Just Wants to Have Fun

You are never prepared. Even though you know and at some point expect it, you are never prepared to lose someone you love. And so it is with Buffy, the tiger. Words can't convey the empty space in our hearts that has been left by a very special spirit moving on.

Buffy was the sweetest tiger I have ever been around. He loved people and really enjoyed being in their presence. He was a senior and enjoyed his water aerobics that made him feel young. He chuffed and chuffed as you approached him, and you could see sadness in his eyes when it was time to go on with your work. He was always young at heart and loved to play. I believe this is why he touched so many hearts, young and old because he reminded us to always allow the inner child to play and have fun. Buffy didn't know what it was like to grow old, only his body knew.

I know wherever Buffy is, he just wants to have fun. So, my tribute to Buffy is everyday, I choose to have fun in some way, big or small and never forget the joy in just BEING. Thank you Buffy for sharing your life and heart with us. You will always be young and full of fun in our hearts.