Monday, June 23, 2008

Weapons for Mass Destruction

Wild, exotic cats. Lots of them that have been abused, abandoned or rescued. Some of them have emotional issues with people because they haven't had good experiences with them. Yet, others are sweet. All of them are wild. So, what do you do for flea and tick prevention to help the cats? Big Cat Rescue solved the problem by getting weapons for mass destruction-Guinea Hens.

That's right. Guinea Hens. The cats know the Guinea Hens as a snack if they dare come too close or get behind the barricades. But people who come to visit the cats, often ask...."What's that?" It's hard to ignore them because they make as much noise as the wild peacocks that roam the sanctuary. I think that is one of the main reasons the cats hide and wait for one to get too close. The cats like quiet and are ready to have less chattering going on continually, and they have come up with their own solutions.

The Guineas are quite entertaining as they will follow you and run like a ghost is chasing them. In actuality, they see things we don't and will chase a bug, insect or tick until it is ready to eat them. Their favorite snack-the tick. It's a win-win for everyone. Guineas are low-maintenance and inexpensive. They function as a natural pest control. The cats are helped in a non-toxic way, and the birds need lots of area to roam. But, in the end, the cats don't care how much the Guineas are helping them because they taste just like chicken.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bongo's Medicine Bag.

Welcome to another edition of Cat Heart Whispers, with animal communicator Laura-Lluellyn Lassiter. Listen in as Laura lets us know what Bongo the Serval as been doing to entertain himself at Big Cat Rescue. For more videos and information visit:

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hair of the Rabbit

Saturday, the cats got their weekly treat of whole prey. For the smaller cats, this includes a frozen rabbit. In this heat, they think of their prey as a hairy, frozen rabbitcicle. You get the picture. You can imagine how exciting it is for them. But, can you imagine how exciting it is for the volunteers to gather up any remains (and I do mean remains) while the cat is protecting it?

This was the challenge on Sunday as several of the volunteers saw mounds of leaves we knew didn't hide their daily deposits. We went around their habitats several times seeking signs of.....anything. Finding nothing but hair, we knew the cats had buried their possession in one of the stacked mounds. We have to clean everything out of their homes daily to keep them healthy and safe. The cats appreciate this effort; however, being a cat, they are prone to changing their minds especially if it is something they want and this was no exception.

It took us several minutes to remove the rabbit from Amazing Grace's habitat as the size of her cage openings are about 2" in width. By the time we got through, hair was everywhere. Grace had done her job well at removing most of the hair and when we saw her, she looked premature grey overnight as the white rabbit hair was all over her face and whiskers. About the time we thought we were through, we heard the famous ocelot growl and turned around, only to see Purr-fection had the same white mustache. The lesson from the cats-you never have a bad hair day.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Buffy Just Wants to Have Fun

You are never prepared. Even though you know and at some point expect it, you are never prepared to lose someone you love. And so it is with Buffy, the tiger. Words can't convey the empty space in our hearts that has been left by a very special spirit moving on.

Buffy was the sweetest tiger I have ever been around. He loved people and really enjoyed being in their presence. He was a senior and enjoyed his water aerobics that made him feel young. He chuffed and chuffed as you approached him, and you could see sadness in his eyes when it was time to go on with your work. He was always young at heart and loved to play. I believe this is why he touched so many hearts, young and old because he reminded us to always allow the inner child to play and have fun. Buffy didn't know what it was like to grow old, only his body knew.

I know wherever Buffy is, he just wants to have fun. So, my tribute to Buffy is everyday, I choose to have fun in some way, big or small and never forget the joy in just BEING. Thank you Buffy for sharing your life and heart with us. You will always be young and full of fun in our hearts.

Dance with Me

Summer isn't here yet but the blasts of hot, humid air are deceiving us into believing it is August, not the beginning of June. The cats are trying to keep cool and conserve their energy by hiding in their dens and under shade trees. The hint of rain was only an illusion until yesterday when a big, unexpected thunderstorm blew through drenching everything with much needed water.

The day before the storm moved in, you could observe Raindance, a very friendly bobcat, pacing back and forth, running (as much as Raindance can run with the extra weight) to and fro and not stopping no matter how much her name was called. I wondered why all the activity especially in the early morning, and I was very surprised at her answer.

"Have you forgotten how to control the weather with your intention?" she asked. "Yes," I replied as I had not cloud-busted since my teenage years. "All it takes is raising your energy, focusing on what you want, believing it is done and letting it GO." Wow, she made is sound so simple but as I watched her, I could see by running, she was raising her energy (contrary to what it may appear), concentrating on whatever she was thinking about and then quit. Nothing happened that day; however, the next day when the storm blew in, I heard Raindance say, "Come dance with me and remember your power." Whether you believe cats like rain or not, we are discovering, they do like to dance.