Friday, May 02, 2008

Saber's Life Giving Gift

Big Cat Rescue was recently informed about a dear supporter who passed quite suddenly. Looking back, one could sit and question if it was suddenly. Life is one fluid movement that is constantly changing and if you listen, awareness presents new information and perspectives that offer opportunities for growth.

One such opportunity presented itself over a year and a half ago. On a tour with this supporter, we stopped at Saber's Cat-A-Tat. The big, black leopard was sitting high on his den watching as we approached. At first you couldn't hardly tell if he was awake, but he raised his head as he knew who was coming. The love this woman had for Saber filled the space around all of us. He was her favorite cat, and she continually talked with him even from her distant home in Chicago. She started asking him questions, when he asked her a big one. "Do you want to live?" Thinking this was an odd question, I hesitated. When Saber asked it again, I knew I had to ask her.

Her eyes grew as big as tea cups and put her finger to her lips to hush me. She quietly asked me to ask him why he asked her this question. Saber preceded to describe a physical condition she had just been diagnosed with. At first, she couldn't understand how he could know since she hadn't told anyone yet, especially him. As we continued to talk, he gave her words of encouragement and inspiration. She asked him how he could help. He provided guidance, and she was grateful.

Saber's encouragement and inspiration kept her going for another year and a half. Her body was tired and when I last talked with her, she asked me if Saber would forgive her for moving on. Love was sent, and she left. The Big Cats freely give of themselves and are always with us, guiding and teaching us to come from our hearts. They are such magnificent creatures who create miracles all the time. Saber gave this woman life like nothing else could. It is the love connection that knows no time or space. We will all miss her.