Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stillness Speaks

Looks are deceiving. The old wisdom of, "You can't judge a book by its cover," applied to the sweetest caracle I have met, Crackle. One would never know there was a power house hidden beneath her sweetness. Her power was not the kind that forces itself upon you or was aggressive. Crackle's power was the stillness that was always present.

I had the privilege and honor of working with Crackle for a short time doing operant training. She would be very dainty in taking the piece of meat as I clicked. She would patiently wait, although her eyes would betray her excitement, as I prepared another piece of meat. Often, I would have to wake her up but as soon as she smelled her treats, the stalks of grass would start to move, and I knew she was on her way.

Crackle's stillness spoke volumes. She touched hearts. Her soul could be seen as you looked into her eyes. Dainty in her physical appearance, strong in presence, Crackle will never be forgotten.