Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Purr-fect Movement

There is so much to learn just by sitting quietly and observing nature. The Big Cats especially offer potent insights as they have not adopted a lot of our dysfunctional behaviors. I want to share a personal experience that transformed my life regarding Big Cats.

There is a man from Russia, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, who was my running coach when I was a competitive runner in the Tampa area for several years. I knew when I started running, I didn't want to run injured because most of the runners at one time or another got injured. I discovered Nicholas and met with him. I had only been running about 4 months and didn't know anything. What Nicholas shared with me was nothing short of amazing.

He explained to me how he discovered his technique for runners. It all started by observing a cheetah running, followed by observing other Big Cats. It appears as though the cats have perfect technique which may explain why they never get injured when running. His Ph.D. is in bio-mechanics, and he saw things in motion that once pointed out, anyone could see. After a few months, my per mile minute not only decreased by 3 minutes to a 6:30 minute mile, but I noticed some emotional issues had disappeared.

When I asked him about this, he discovered through movement and without effort, we can let go of anything that has been stored in our bodies. In addition, the repetition of running put us into the zone or present moment effortlessly. He learned from the Big Cats to work with nature, with what IS and as you become one, magic happens. The Big Cats taught him purr-fect movements and techniques he is now teaching to our elite runners of the Olympic team. The cats are making a difference!