Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lunar Lunacy

The April full moon is at its peak tonight, but the cats aren't waiting. While there is still a touch of coolness in the air, it's not enough to stir the cats into the kind of action I saw today at the sanctuary. Banjo, although he is a Binturong and not a cat, is very popular because of his buttered popcorn smell. I have never seen Banjo move as quickly as he did and roll with his red ball. It was as though a bee had stung him into action, and once he got going, he didn't stop. Swatting his ball with his paws, he hugged his ball and flowed with the roll. Spanking that ball as hard as he could, he jumped and pounced on it and was a crowd pleaser.

Next was Diablo, a new addition to the sanctuary. He is a Savannah cat who can't make up his mind who he is. He was running back and forth and if you didn't know better, you would have thought a ghost was chasing him. Nothing but spooks for Diablo. Sundari, a favorite Asian Spotted Leopard, had a hold of her tail and rolled up into a ball and continued to perform gymnastic moves for everyone to see. Even Hercules, a gorgeous Snow Leopard, was not as intense as his eyes followed everyone behind the protection of tall grass blades. He was still, but his eyes were playing with everyone who was trying to find him. Bongo had the serval section fired up as his constant talking alerted Shasta, Arizona, Frosty and Ty to keep moving, looking for anything that might provide unexpected enrichment.

We can't forget the domestic cats that call the sanctuary home. Maya teased Simba, another Asian Spotted Leopard, as she begged attention from anyone who would stop to pet her. As she did, Simba exhibited some fancy moves that the tour group didn't expect as he pumped his rear end waiting for Maya to make a wrong move. Lastly, the peacocks were so noisy and under everyone's feet that you couldn't hear what the tour guides were saying. Dancing and flirting with each other, love was definitely in the air. So, if you are feeling a bit crazy today, know you are in the flow with the cats as this bright moon can bring out the "wild" in you.