Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Nature always communicates with us. The problem is we don't understand what it is saying. Where do we go to remember? I suggest the Big Cats. The universe reflects what our inner beliefs are no matter what our minds tell us. Often, they are completely different. Take the belief the earth is unlimited in her resources. The big cats will show us what we believe may not be true.

For example, when forests are cut down for our consumption at an incredible rate, it destroys the homes for countless animals who depend upon a system for survival. In the process, we destroy more than we are aware of and as a result, species of all kinds are forced to keep on the move until they end up in cramped quarters, fighting for territory.

More and more big cats are being killed because they have no where to go except where people are because their homes have been destroyed. They have very limited resources they can use to survive because of our beliefs. We have been using everything up until there is no more.

The big cats are communicating with us by reflecting our beliefs back to us and showing us it is time to examine what we believe because it isn't working. They celebrate Earth Day everyday by living in harmony with the environment. If they can, we can't we?