Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finding Joy in Life's Surprises

Animals are such a blessing in our lives as we connect with their wisdom and perspectives. We forget that a kind word or recognizing the animal as we pass by, can be a huge boost for their spirit. Mac, a beautiful cougar, is always excited to see Matt. He knows he usually has some enrichment of some kind for him, whether it is spices that makes him feel really good or just spending time, squatted down at his level, quietly talking with him.

Mac doesn't have any emotional attachments to any preconceived ideas of what Matt is going to do. He patiently waits, and even though he gets excited, he knows that it is only going to be good. By not having the need to focus on specific probabilities, it allows Mac's heart and mind to be open to a wide variety of possible outcomes.

A simple way of Being, Mac's approach to life allows him to find joy in any of the surprises that Matt presents. Send Mac a heartfelt hug as he reminds us how simple life is.