Thursday, April 03, 2008

Extinction or Evolution?

I have recently returned from taking a couple of seminars on Matrix Energetics. Its essence is the Science and Art of Transformation as you learn the language of "quantum." It appeared this was perfect timing since Oprah and Eckhart Tolle have been presenting a 10 week discussion of his book "A New Earth-Awakening to Your Life's Purpose." The two are very interconnected, and it is very obvious that humanity has a choice-wake up or die.

As I participated in the language of "quantum" where everything is possible, and you can time travel back before an accident or an event took place and change it, thereby creating a different outcome, I was very surprised when Snorkel, the deaf tiger at the sanctuary, came to me and wanted to share what was in his heart.

"The journey of the tiger started long ago," Snorkel said. "We symbolize passion and power. Our influence is great. We only hunt when we need to. We do not kill at random or are pleasure hunters. We have disciplined awareness and possess strong spiritual energy. We now share a common path. The journey is not yet over. We ask you-do you continue to kill us and as we leave the planet as a species, your journey is also over or do you see that we are connected and a new journey begins as we evolve together?"

This wasn't the usual way Snorkel communicates. I could sense his heart was heavy. It didn't take long to see tigers are self-aware and feel the crisis humanity has created for all. We have the inner technology to transform anything anywhere. The tigers are asking where do we go from here?