Monday, April 07, 2008

Completing the Journey

Many spiritual teachings of the ancient ways of Being teach us that "it is not the learning from which we came---but the task of "remembering" which completes the journey." This is but one of the many truths that I discovered from Sheera, Bobcat. Sheera remembered her purpose for this life and when it was completed, left her physical body Saturday evening taking advantage of the energies presented with the new moon. It is not uncommon for animals to work with the potent lunar energies to transition to a new realm, more wisdom Sheera remembered.

Sheera always maintained her wild spirit. When I first met her, I was amazed at her ability to survive. Although she came to the sanctuary in bad physical condition, she knew how to feel her body move and in so doing, memorized every inch of her Cat-A-Tat. Committed to memory, she knew which path to take to ease her pain. She avoided other areas that were difficult for her. In time, her physical body adapted to her surroundings.

Sheera was an example of no boundaries, no limitations and not giving up. Her determination and will power overcame any obstacle. She may have been a small bobcat, but her spirit refused to let anything get her down. Respect and dignity was given to Sheera as she chose how to complete her journey. We will miss the little cat who never forgot who she was.