Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Equinox

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, and I wondered if the cats knew about this special event, so I asked several of them and here is what they said:

"We can tell what nature is doing by the amount of natural light. It tells us what to do. That is how we know the seasons are changing. We have everything we need as we flow with nature. It is a time to begin new. We like the green grasses now because of the cleaning of our bodies. We know it will begin to get warmer. Trees will give us more shade. It is our natural time for mating. We feel more energy."

I thought about what they said, and one of the things that stood out was their awareness of natural light. Most of us live in cities with street lights blasting light at night. We work in office buildings with artificial light. The change to Day Light Savings time really affects our circadian rhythms or better known as our internal clock. This causes a lot of problems that create sleep disorders. We have lost our awareness of the natural light. Science has proven we are light and within that light is information. The cats are making us aware of incorporating natural light in our lives so we can flow with what happens. Natural light talks to our cells. If it gives the cats information on what to do, I say, "Let there be light." Happy Equinox!