Friday, March 14, 2008

Orion's Evolution

Orion, one of the cougar cubs, has grown up to be a big cat. Playful moods can strike him at anytime and you never know what he is going to do. You can find him balancing on a limb hanging above his pool, lurking behind his den waiting for something to come by, running to greet a tour or sneaking up behind his brother or sister hoping to surprise them. Watching Orion, we may ask ourselves if we are taking life too seriously?

Orion remembers his youth. He reminds us when we play with all the enthusiasm and eagerness we felt as youngsters, we stimulate our imaginative minds, equipping ourselves to step outside of our mental comfort zones. This extension of the self may result in humor or innovation, and we develop intellectual flexibility with each new moment spent engaged in frolicsome recreational pursuits.

Orion reminds us that play can be inspirational as it allows us to test new ideas in a safe and enjoyable context. Anything is possible in the world of the imagination, so we feel more comfortable exploring unfamiliar concepts because we need not commit ourselves to them. Yet in the mere act of playful investigation, we evolve as individuals. As you play today, you will discover that the limitations that typically define your existence disappear, allowing you to broaden your mind easily. Thank Orion for his playful essence and helping you evolve.