Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Itching for Spring

On-going classes and training help ensure the volunteers at the sanctuary are as prepared as possible for anything. Drills are executed, scenarios are rehearsed and emergency protocols are practiced. Safety is the number one concern for all who live or work at Big Cat Rescue. Knowing there is no way to take the wild out of the big cats, respect is always given to each cat.

Spring has started to blossom everywhere, and there is a wild species no one can prepare for. It creeps up around you, and you will not realize this species means business until you see the first small, red blotch that begs you to scratch it. Then, before you know it, blisters have formed and it occurs to you that you have had a close encounter with a wild species that spares no mercy. No amount of training and drills can prepare you for POISON IVY.

You can try everything from homeopathy to western medicine, but in the end, this wild species will have its' way until the cycle has been completed. During the process, you will definitely feel like a tiger growling at everyone around you as you try everything that promises relief. I chose to go with the old traditional "pink" lotion. It comes in a spray which offers the option of spray painting yourself. It will make others laugh at you as you have transformed yourself into a newly discovered wild species-a pink tiger.