Monday, March 24, 2008

Hercules Unchained

White rain fell from the sky masking the rugged mountain top. So much had fallen that the snow leopard's weight crushed deep into the wet blankets. Although the weather conditions were a blizzard, he was making progress as he crept along his familiar path. Listening to his inner guidance system, he knew it would take him a couple more days to reach his final destination.

This was beginning to be an unusual journey. Normally, the weather was not a factor, and he had clear views of the terrain below. The global climate was changing causing unpredictable weather patterns that even a snow leopard could not predict. Never doubting his choice that put him in this position, he continued his trek that was draining him of any reserves he had stored. Everything was different this time, and the snow leopard was not prepared.

As I sat contemplating the vision that Hercules had shared with me, I had to ask why the snow leopard didn't turn back. It appeared to be a very bad choice and waste of energy. It could cost him his life.

"There are no 'wasted' choices," Hercules explained. "One choice builds the foundation for the next one and the next one. Every situation and choice is required. To regret making any choice as you look back is where the energy is wasted. You are seeing your choices with a different consciousness than the consciousness that made the choice." Hercules had just revealed the illusion of regret and the importance of moving forward in life.