Monday, March 31, 2008


Being a volunteer has its advantages as was clearly seen Saturday as a children's tour passed by Takoma's Cat-A-Tat. Divinity and Takoma were in very helpful moods as they followed every move I made UNTIL they heard the sound of children approaching. I have never seen them take off like a missle being launched; however, excitement filled the air and off they ran at full speed. Zipping through the bushes and running through their dens, they were in a hurry to catch any glimpse they could. I was very happy as it allowed me to clean their home without any further assistance from them.

The children were excited as they saw movement and knew the cats were on the move. Squeels and giggles echoed from the children as they saw Divinity and Tacoma. A few of the older ones knew they were bobcats while the very young children thought they were big kitties. You could feel the pleasure coming from the cats and the children as they stood looking at each other. Each were waiting for the other to do something. Finally, it was time to move on to the next cat and as they were leaving, two of the children looked back at Tacoma and Divinity and as they were saying good-bye, you knew the cats were exchanging good-byes as they both nodded their heads and watched them until they disappeared.