Monday, March 31, 2008


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered you are creating your experience as well as experiencing what you have created at the same time. How can you use this wisdom to Become in your life what you choose to experience in the world?"


Being a volunteer has its advantages as was clearly seen Saturday as a children's tour passed by Takoma's Cat-A-Tat. Divinity and Takoma were in very helpful moods as they followed every move I made UNTIL they heard the sound of children approaching. I have never seen them take off like a missle being launched; however, excitement filled the air and off they ran at full speed. Zipping through the bushes and running through their dens, they were in a hurry to catch any glimpse they could. I was very happy as it allowed me to clean their home without any further assistance from them.

The children were excited as they saw movement and knew the cats were on the move. Squeels and giggles echoed from the children as they saw Divinity and Tacoma. A few of the older ones knew they were bobcats while the very young children thought they were big kitties. You could feel the pleasure coming from the cats and the children as they stood looking at each other. Each were waiting for the other to do something. Finally, it was time to move on to the next cat and as they were leaving, two of the children looked back at Tacoma and Divinity and as they were saying good-bye, you knew the cats were exchanging good-byes as they both nodded their heads and watched them until they disappeared.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seeing Is Freeing

Amazing Grace, our poet ocelot, is providing provocative thought as she shares with us another original poem from her heart.

Seeing Is Freeing

Each step memorized for nothing is new,
Every day the same with the exception of a few,
I was born because of ideas of economic gain,
Destined to live a life filled with nothing but pain.

I was born to be free and wild,
Yet held captive because laws are too mild,
No thought given to the bored induced mind,
My purpose was served and now am left behind.

My spirit remembers the days of old,
When all lived as One and each was told,
With hushed voices and a quiet lip,
Presence of the heart makes anything flip.

Feeling my pain with no end in sight,
Weary of the struggle and left without might,
My heart reaches out to your Being,
For the truth will help both as seeing is freeing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hercules Unchained

White rain fell from the sky masking the rugged mountain top. So much had fallen that the snow leopard's weight crushed deep into the wet blankets. Although the weather conditions were a blizzard, he was making progress as he crept along his familiar path. Listening to his inner guidance system, he knew it would take him a couple more days to reach his final destination.

This was beginning to be an unusual journey. Normally, the weather was not a factor, and he had clear views of the terrain below. The global climate was changing causing unpredictable weather patterns that even a snow leopard could not predict. Never doubting his choice that put him in this position, he continued his trek that was draining him of any reserves he had stored. Everything was different this time, and the snow leopard was not prepared.

As I sat contemplating the vision that Hercules had shared with me, I had to ask why the snow leopard didn't turn back. It appeared to be a very bad choice and waste of energy. It could cost him his life.

"There are no 'wasted' choices," Hercules explained. "One choice builds the foundation for the next one and the next one. Every situation and choice is required. To regret making any choice as you look back is where the energy is wasted. You are seeing your choices with a different consciousness than the consciousness that made the choice." Hercules had just revealed the illusion of regret and the importance of moving forward in life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Alphie

So many times when I have cleaned Little Back at the sanctuary, one of the first stops would be Rusty and Sassy and then Alphie. I would see him basking in the sun and watching quietly as I cleaned his water bowl and dinner block. He was always quiet for a serval. He never hissed at me at which point, I would ask, "What's it all about, Alphie?" I always thought every serval hissed, but in two years, I never heard one hiss out of him.

Alphie would follow me around as I cleaned his home. I knew it was generally an effort for him even though he never complained. He moved slowly and it was obvious, he was physically uncomfortable. His prior life had been extremely difficult before coming to the sanctuary, and he would often find it best to just be.

Alphie is going to be missed. His quiet presence had a calming effect upon some of the other "wilder" ones. You can still feel his sweet presence even though he left his physical body recently. Alphie has joined the other cats that are making a difference on the other side. Although his body is gone, he lives on in the hearts of everyone who loved him.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shaquille's Shadow Power

Today is a very potent time of the year. In some cultures, it is the beginning of the New Year. We recognize it as the Spring Equinox. It is a time when day and night are in balance. Thinking of this, one of my favorite animals at Big Cat Rescue started to ask me questions about balance. I thought it was a little strange until Shaquille reminded me when an animal shows up in our lives, they always have a message for us. I didn't realize how timely his message was until we continued talking.

Of all the leopards, the black leopard has the greatest mysticism associated with it. They are a symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. The black panther encourages us to understand the shadow powers available to us all and acknowledge these powers in order to eliminate our fears of any darkness in our lives. They are also a symbol of releasing our passions and starting a NEW phase of our lives. Shaquille is helping us to dream big this year as he asks these questions:

Are your passions helping or hindering you at this time?
Are you suppressing latent desires?
Are you on the right spiritual path for yourself?
Are you putting other's needs before your own to the point of self-neglect?
What is your Shadow Self trying to tell you?

When Shaquille appeared to me, I was reminded to pay attention to the strength of my inner being. It made me aware this was the perfect time to examine my shadow side to let go of any fears and risk dreaming big. I knew this would help to establish balance in my life. Set your intentions today of what you want to achieve this year. Plant the seeds now, and give gratitude to Shaquille for insight into another of his power moves.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Equinox

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox, and I wondered if the cats knew about this special event, so I asked several of them and here is what they said:

"We can tell what nature is doing by the amount of natural light. It tells us what to do. That is how we know the seasons are changing. We have everything we need as we flow with nature. It is a time to begin new. We like the green grasses now because of the cleaning of our bodies. We know it will begin to get warmer. Trees will give us more shade. It is our natural time for mating. We feel more energy."

I thought about what they said, and one of the things that stood out was their awareness of natural light. Most of us live in cities with street lights blasting light at night. We work in office buildings with artificial light. The change to Day Light Savings time really affects our circadian rhythms or better known as our internal clock. This causes a lot of problems that create sleep disorders. We have lost our awareness of the natural light. Science has proven we are light and within that light is information. The cats are making us aware of incorporating natural light in our lives so we can flow with what happens. Natural light talks to our cells. If it gives the cats information on what to do, I say, "Let there be light." Happy Equinox!

Monday, March 17, 2008


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered your beliefs are life. If your lives are based on what you believe, then what if those beliefs are wrong?"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Orion's Evolution

Orion, one of the cougar cubs, has grown up to be a big cat. Playful moods can strike him at anytime and you never know what he is going to do. You can find him balancing on a limb hanging above his pool, lurking behind his den waiting for something to come by, running to greet a tour or sneaking up behind his brother or sister hoping to surprise them. Watching Orion, we may ask ourselves if we are taking life too seriously?

Orion remembers his youth. He reminds us when we play with all the enthusiasm and eagerness we felt as youngsters, we stimulate our imaginative minds, equipping ourselves to step outside of our mental comfort zones. This extension of the self may result in humor or innovation, and we develop intellectual flexibility with each new moment spent engaged in frolicsome recreational pursuits.

Orion reminds us that play can be inspirational as it allows us to test new ideas in a safe and enjoyable context. Anything is possible in the world of the imagination, so we feel more comfortable exploring unfamiliar concepts because we need not commit ourselves to them. Yet in the mere act of playful investigation, we evolve as individuals. As you play today, you will discover that the limitations that typically define your existence disappear, allowing you to broaden your mind easily. Thank Orion for his playful essence and helping you evolve.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


You will be attracted to my handsome face. I am always checking things out. I am so curious about everything. I don't take much of anything serious as I love to play. I think that is what life is all about, laughing and playing. I talk a lot in addition to "chirping" and like to start things; however, others can finish what I start. My attention span is short and get very bored quickly. I don't know what details are because I see a big picture. My brother and sister help me to feel safe even though I have grown to be big. Play with me to see Who I Am.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where You Feel Secure

Bobcat at Big Cat RescuePrecious, a Southern Bobcat, recently moved to another Cat-A-Tat on the tour path. Looking up at her, she is so happy. She has better views of the sanctuary as she climbs high in her new tree branches and watches the going-ons from a distance. The most important message Precious wants to convey as she sits high and secure is creating a space where you feel comfortable and protected even when you are waist deep in the swamp trying to deal with the stresses of life.

Soulful nourishment is critical to staying in a solution set attitude. When Precious feels protected and comfortable, she sees her world differently and is confident. She knows taking a risk can sometimes be scary, and you can feel all alone. Having your personal space can provide the support that you need. It also makes it easier for dreams to come true if you have somewhere you have created that makes you feel secure. From Precious's perspective, it is not a luxury to have a safe haven, it is a must if you are to navigate your world with confidence.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Catrina

Even though she was a senior, Catrina always made the effort to come and see you. No matter how much her joints hurt and how much pain she was in, she would slowly struggle to get up and say hello. Catrina embodied sweetness. Catrina was a favorite among the volunteers.

Her face was exquisite, and she was especially beautiful when laying in the sun as her deep, red coloring glowed. Catrina was a former pet, and you could see how much she loved people. She never got tired of the tour groups although she would often lay and watch the people go by.

We are sad to say good-bye to another cougar. We will miss her.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Itching for Spring

On-going classes and training help ensure the volunteers at the sanctuary are as prepared as possible for anything. Drills are executed, scenarios are rehearsed and emergency protocols are practiced. Safety is the number one concern for all who live or work at Big Cat Rescue. Knowing there is no way to take the wild out of the big cats, respect is always given to each cat.

Spring has started to blossom everywhere, and there is a wild species no one can prepare for. It creeps up around you, and you will not realize this species means business until you see the first small, red blotch that begs you to scratch it. Then, before you know it, blisters have formed and it occurs to you that you have had a close encounter with a wild species that spares no mercy. No amount of training and drills can prepare you for POISON IVY.

You can try everything from homeopathy to western medicine, but in the end, this wild species will have its' way until the cycle has been completed. During the process, you will definitely feel like a tiger growling at everyone around you as you try everything that promises relief. I chose to go with the old traditional "pink" lotion. It comes in a spray which offers the option of spray painting yourself. It will make others laugh at you as you have transformed yourself into a newly discovered wild species-a pink tiger.