Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spray It Again

All creatures are unique with their own personalities. It is a great reminder how limiting it is to categorize anyone or anything. When we are introduced to a new animal, a beautiful world starts to unfold that holds all kinds of magic if only we will allow it. One of Big Cat Rescue's white servals, Pharoah, epitomizes this wisdom. Generally elusive and hissy, when you discover one of the keys to Pharoah's heart, he transforms into a friendly, playful cat.

"I love the water. I get so excited when they give me water. I like to chase it and play in it. I like to get wet and paw the water. It splashes, and I chase it. I don't care if I get dirty. It is so much fun. Not everyone knows I like to hide and then jump after it. I would like to play longer but they move on. It tickles me when it gets on my nose. I will wait all day if I know I can play in the water."