Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mane Knowledge

Lion at Big Cat RescueJoseph, the newest lion rescued by Big Cat Rescue, has so much in his heart, it was challenging for me to condense our conversation. He is an amazing spirit. In speaking with Joseph, he talked about things that we have forgotten and is very ancient knowledge. As he spoke of these things, it was a journey back in time to a world where everything was aware of itself and communicated constantly. We seldom hear these subtle communications anymore as so much of our world is out of balance. Allow this ancient knowledge to resonate in your heart and start to rebuild a new world where the myths that we grew up believing come to life and find the magic that awaits your invitation.

"I had forgotten what earth felt like beneath my paws. Hardness was the only thing I felt for a long time. There is no connection with hardness. There is no life, no excitement, no joy. Taking care of so many with little help was a struggle. There was no flow or little information that could help me. I had responsibility that my ancestors had passed down to me. It is memory and ways of being that no one can remember when it began. It is. "

"Now, when I walk on the earth, I receive information like my ancestors through my pads that tells me a story. That is how I know where to go. Like the animals before me, walking the same trails and paths gives me information who has passed before me. I feel their feelings. There is always information left with the earth. The earth also uses this information to provide for me. It grows what I need because I have spoken to it as I walk. When I mark my territory, there is information coming from my body that the earth uses to help me adapt. We take care of each other. "

"I can relax now. Others are helping me. Survival is strong in my heart. Long ago must be remembered. It is how to know what to do."