Thursday, February 07, 2008

Heartily, I Say To You

Rusty, a handsome Caracal (and knows it), goes to the heart of any experience. In his words, "I am all heart. Everything I do is always from my heart. I eat with all my heart. I help the volunteers clean my home with every ounce of effort from my heart. I groom Sassy until my heart grows weary. I anxiously await my food until I feel as though my heart is going to explode. I heartily rub against the bushes and trees. My heart searches for new experiences. I go for it. Why do you not put all you have into something? "

Rusty is fearless. He is a pleasure to help meet his needs because his heart is always open and receptive. You can see it in his actions and attitude. He has passion for whatever he is experiencing at the moment. He always brings a smile to your face and will find yourself encouraging him to find something new in his Cat-A-Tat he has not discovered so you can share in his heartfelt excitement. Be careful around Rusty. His heart is contagious!