Monday, February 25, 2008


Saturday, as it was pouring rain, tourists spending their last day in Tampa wanted to see the cats so bad, they didn't notice how wet they were when the Big Cats came out to see them. One in particular put on quite the show. He had recently been moved along the tour path and contrary to what one would think about cougars not liking water, Hallelujah was sitting on top of his den waiting for the tour to pass by.

Mountain Lion at Big Cat Rescue

"I like to play in the water. I like to chase it and get wet. I am getting used to my new home and enjoy all the people who come by. They are different shapes and smells. I like the attention and watch for anything I can catch. I am a strong cat. I am always ready to play."

As the tour said good-bye to Hal, he raised his head to the sky and howled. You could hear him throughout the sanctuary, and the people started talking with Hal, telling him they would see him again. He likes all the attention and what is in Hal' heart? His name says it all. He is one happy cat.