Monday, February 11, 2008

Global Warming

When your ears go silent, you learn to hear in different ways. Snorkel is deaf and doesn't use his physical ears to hear. I must admit, I deeply care for Snorkel. I have learned much from him and want to share with you what was in Snorkel's heart today when I spoke with him.

"I always listen to my heart. It is the only thing I hear. In that way, I create a supportive environment that can help others because I am aware of my heart connection with other hearts. It is the only thing I can give to others. It makes others feel good. Sometimes the other cats need inspiration, and I give them that feeling. I share what's in my heart."

We spend untold billions of dollars to heal the environment. Snorkel gets it and it doesn't involve money. He is pure love, and you will feel as though you have received a warm ray of sunshine when you become aware Snorkel's heart is connected to yours. He is doing his part to help heal the environment. This is Snorkel's perspective on global warming.