Friday, February 15, 2008

Cause I Am

If you are blessed to have a cat as a companion, you are familiar with their hunting skills and their desire to catch things. Every now and then, you may meet a cat who doesn't care to catch or kill any living creature. You may think they aren't normal or feeling good. What if that cat has another reason for allowing creatures to live? Could it be he is more evolved in his consciousness? At Big Cat Rescue, there is such a cat and his reason for not killing anything is not because he is not a cat or is sick. Alachua Bob, a bobcat, has something in his heart we can use everyday in our lives.

"It is not within me to kill. I choose to help instead of killing. My desire is to help others with what they are doing. It makes me feel good. Kindness is my way of living. What I eat is given to me. It has always been even when I was not living here. I make friends with everything. I live in peace here and am grateful I have a wild home but do not have to kill to live. Killing is not a natural way."