Monday, February 25, 2008


Saturday, as it was pouring rain, tourists spending their last day in Tampa wanted to see the cats so bad, they didn't notice how wet they were when the Big Cats came out to see them. One in particular put on quite the show. He had recently been moved along the tour path and contrary to what one would think about cougars not liking water, Hallelujah was sitting on top of his den waiting for the tour to pass by.

Mountain Lion at Big Cat Rescue

"I like to play in the water. I like to chase it and get wet. I am getting used to my new home and enjoy all the people who come by. They are different shapes and smells. I like the attention and watch for anything I can catch. I am a strong cat. I am always ready to play."

As the tour said good-bye to Hal, he raised his head to the sky and howled. You could hear him throughout the sanctuary, and the people started talking with Hal, telling him they would see him again. He likes all the attention and what is in Hal' heart? His name says it all. He is one happy cat.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spray It Again

All creatures are unique with their own personalities. It is a great reminder how limiting it is to categorize anyone or anything. When we are introduced to a new animal, a beautiful world starts to unfold that holds all kinds of magic if only we will allow it. One of Big Cat Rescue's white servals, Pharoah, epitomizes this wisdom. Generally elusive and hissy, when you discover one of the keys to Pharoah's heart, he transforms into a friendly, playful cat.

"I love the water. I get so excited when they give me water. I like to chase it and play in it. I like to get wet and paw the water. It splashes, and I chase it. I don't care if I get dirty. It is so much fun. Not everyone knows I like to hide and then jump after it. I would like to play longer but they move on. It tickles me when it gets on my nose. I will wait all day if I know I can play in the water."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cause I Am

If you are blessed to have a cat as a companion, you are familiar with their hunting skills and their desire to catch things. Every now and then, you may meet a cat who doesn't care to catch or kill any living creature. You may think they aren't normal or feeling good. What if that cat has another reason for allowing creatures to live? Could it be he is more evolved in his consciousness? At Big Cat Rescue, there is such a cat and his reason for not killing anything is not because he is not a cat or is sick. Alachua Bob, a bobcat, has something in his heart we can use everyday in our lives.

"It is not within me to kill. I choose to help instead of killing. My desire is to help others with what they are doing. It makes me feel good. Kindness is my way of living. What I eat is given to me. It has always been even when I was not living here. I make friends with everything. I live in peace here and am grateful I have a wild home but do not have to kill to live. Killing is not a natural way."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Play

Tiger Buffy at Big Cat RescueBuffy's heart is one of the sweetest you will ever feel. He was more than ready to talk and give us insight into what makes him happy. "Finding fun in unexpected places is joy. Cool days are great to spend time looking for new bugs or pawing my way through the dried, fallen leaves. Walking through mud puddles, splashing in water, laying in the sun soaking up every ray of warmth, or greeting everyone that I see makes my heart happy. Saying hello to people is what I love most. I would rather be with people than anything else I do. It would make my heart sad if I would never see anyone again."

Buffy knows the secret to keeping his heart young...he loves to play.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Little Cat That Could

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love."--Mother Teresa

When Big Cat Rescue responded to a call regarding a very little bobcat, they knew they had found a little cat that could...

They saw this little cat could keep trying to live even though it was a struggle...

They knew this little cat could have a second chance in life...

They brought this little cat home to the sanctuary so he could heal and recover...

They gave him everything he needed so he could grow big and strong...

There were many days when they weren't sure if the little cat could...

The little cat could give everything he had and did...

The little cat could show us what was real and did...

The little cat could make his own choices and did...

Kennedy shared every aspect of his BEING during his short time on this earth. Fearless and determined, he knew what was real and left us with the manifestation that miracles happen all the time. The miracle of Kennedy-the little cat that could. We are grateful to you Kennedy and hold your love deep within our hearts. We will miss you.

Global Warming

When your ears go silent, you learn to hear in different ways. Snorkel is deaf and doesn't use his physical ears to hear. I must admit, I deeply care for Snorkel. I have learned much from him and want to share with you what was in Snorkel's heart today when I spoke with him.

"I always listen to my heart. It is the only thing I hear. In that way, I create a supportive environment that can help others because I am aware of my heart connection with other hearts. It is the only thing I can give to others. It makes others feel good. Sometimes the other cats need inspiration, and I give them that feeling. I share what's in my heart."

We spend untold billions of dollars to heal the environment. Snorkel gets it and it doesn't involve money. He is pure love, and you will feel as though you have received a warm ray of sunshine when you become aware Snorkel's heart is connected to yours. He is doing his part to help heal the environment. This is Snorkel's perspective on global warming.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mane Knowledge

Lion at Big Cat RescueJoseph, the newest lion rescued by Big Cat Rescue, has so much in his heart, it was challenging for me to condense our conversation. He is an amazing spirit. In speaking with Joseph, he talked about things that we have forgotten and is very ancient knowledge. As he spoke of these things, it was a journey back in time to a world where everything was aware of itself and communicated constantly. We seldom hear these subtle communications anymore as so much of our world is out of balance. Allow this ancient knowledge to resonate in your heart and start to rebuild a new world where the myths that we grew up believing come to life and find the magic that awaits your invitation.

"I had forgotten what earth felt like beneath my paws. Hardness was the only thing I felt for a long time. There is no connection with hardness. There is no life, no excitement, no joy. Taking care of so many with little help was a struggle. There was no flow or little information that could help me. I had responsibility that my ancestors had passed down to me. It is memory and ways of being that no one can remember when it began. It is. "

"Now, when I walk on the earth, I receive information like my ancestors through my pads that tells me a story. That is how I know where to go. Like the animals before me, walking the same trails and paths gives me information who has passed before me. I feel their feelings. There is always information left with the earth. The earth also uses this information to provide for me. It grows what I need because I have spoken to it as I walk. When I mark my territory, there is information coming from my body that the earth uses to help me adapt. We take care of each other. "

"I can relax now. Others are helping me. Survival is strong in my heart. Long ago must be remembered. It is how to know what to do."

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Heartily, I Say To You

Rusty, a handsome Caracal (and knows it), goes to the heart of any experience. In his words, "I am all heart. Everything I do is always from my heart. I eat with all my heart. I help the volunteers clean my home with every ounce of effort from my heart. I groom Sassy until my heart grows weary. I anxiously await my food until I feel as though my heart is going to explode. I heartily rub against the bushes and trees. My heart searches for new experiences. I go for it. Why do you not put all you have into something? "

Rusty is fearless. He is a pleasure to help meet his needs because his heart is always open and receptive. You can see it in his actions and attitude. He has passion for whatever he is experiencing at the moment. He always brings a smile to your face and will find yourself encouraging him to find something new in his Cat-A-Tat he has not discovered so you can share in his heartfelt excitement. Be careful around Rusty. His heart is contagious!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shaniqua's Heart Share

Shaniqua, a small jungle cat, shares her Cat-A-Tat with Rambo. Asking her what was in her heart, she immediately talked about Rambo. "I have learned a new way of getting attention. Rambo thinks he is a charmer and talks all the time. He purrs and comes to greet people. I act in a way that makes you wonder what is going on in my head. It's not found in my head, it is in my heart. I have to be different. I have to be me."

Could be it as simple as Shaniqua has shared with us that being different is found in your heart and not your head and it is a good thing? After all, if you are like everyone else, are you being who you are?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's In Your Heart?

In February, everywhere we look, we can see hearts. Big and small hearts, red and pink hearts, chocolate hearts, strong and weak hearts, open and closed hearts are just a sampling of what we think of this month. These are only descriptions of a heart, but what is in the heart? I decided to ask the cats what was in their hearts. Every day for the rest of the month, we will hear from a different cat as they share what is in their hearts. The first one who wanted to share was Shadow. This shouldn't come as any surprise.

"Munching on a bitter blade of grass makes my stomach feel better, but the grass doesn't taste good anymore. The colors are not as bright when I look at the leaves and flowers. The trees don't provide the thick shade like they used to, and I don't have as many bugs to chase at night. I don't get much relief from the heat because it stays hot more. The air is filled with many smells now. My home is not the same."

Is it possible what's in Shadow's heart is making us aware of making compassionate choices that will consider the environment so he will have a better home?