Thursday, January 31, 2008

Solitude's Beauty

Solitude seems counterintuitive in today's busy world. Time alone isn't easy to come by and reserving time for oneself feels unnatural or unimportant. But all life is balance and, while we enrich our outer selves with activities and hobbies, we have the tendency to ignore the quieter inner self which is the source of creativity and serenity. Solitude, often wrongly equated with loneliness, can offer an opportunity to achieve a state of calm, focus on your creativity, examine your life, or contemplate your goals, without the distraction of the opinions of others or the background noises of daily life.

Cherokee, an elusive southern Bobcat, offers the above perspective to help us remember solitude is a must if we want to nurture our inner landscape.
Though it may seem impossible when there is so much to do, making the most of even a short period of solitude can rejuvenate your mind and energize your body. Once free of the random noise of daily life, it becomes easy to rediscover and re-evaluate interests, goals, passions, and joys, which will allow you to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your inner self. Take advantage of unexpected solitude whenever you can. If you find yourself caught in traffic, turn off the radio, and spend a few fulfilling moments de-stressing. Cherokee invites you to be quiet and observe. Witness what happens. This is Cherokee's secret for success.