Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Shadow Knows

Cold winds blew in today as did an attitude from someone I had talked with before going to the sanctuary. I had a discussion with a woman about volunteering. The person felt volunteering was rather worthless because she wasn't recognized for all the things she did with a particular rescue group. When I arrived at the sanctuary, I was reviewing in my mind what she had told me when I heard Shadow talking. He was all stirred up about something, and I quickly told him I was on my way to see what was going on.

I could see Shadow slowly walking back and forth when I called his name. "Worthless? Worthless?"I didn't know if Shadow was asking me or saying this as a rhetorical reply after reading my mind. "How could this concern you, Shadow?" I asked. Knowing Shadow, a reply was in the works when he said, "I would starve if someone didn't feed me everyday. I would go thirsty because there would be no water. I would get sick and not feel good." I could see he had an obvious point, but still didn't make the connection until he continued saying, "What would I do if everyone didn't volunteer to take care of me? You aren't worthless, you are priceless."

At that moment, I knew people should not volunteer to get their emotional needs met. They should volunteer because of the deep desire to be of service and to help others who need it. From the perspective of the one being helped, a volunteer is a life line, and I thanked this big cougar for caring to share what The Shadow Knows.