Monday, January 21, 2008

A Musk Farewell

People who came to see the Big Cats would sometimes get a glimpse of Rashid, a Civet Cat, who wasn't really a cat at all. She and her partner, Stetson, had recently been moved to the center of the sanctuary and even though you could sometimes see them basking in the sun, they appeared to be "out of reach" or "too cool" for people to approach. These are a couple of the qualities associated with Civets.

Rashid, who has made her transition to a different realm, served her mission and knew it was time to start a new beginning and adventure elsewhere. She wants you to know that Civets are notorious for having a strange relationship with farmers who grow a particular Vietnamese coffee bean. As they cannot resist this bean, they will plunder plantations with excitement and over-stuff themselves. For the beans that do survive their digestive system, they are collected, ground and sold as a gourmet coffee known as "caphe cut chon" or Fox-Dung Coffee. The Civet is considered a type of fox in Vietnam.

In ancient times, coffee was considered a tonic that would boost energy and mental awareness. It also produced clarity and passion, so much so that the reigning rulers banned its consumption for fear of the people rising up and taking back control. You may notice today, that creative people gather in popular meeting places such as cafes drinking coffee. Is this a coincidence? This was the mission of Rashid, to help you remember that strange relationships can produce the most inspiring, creative and desired experiences in life. Thank you Rashid for blessing us with your wisdom. We will miss you.