Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dali Leopard Wisdom

Chloe, the female Snow Leopard at Big Cat Rescue, does not suffer fools lightly. She is very reserved and keeps her essence hidden from most people. It has taken over a year before she has been ready to talk and recently came to me and asked that I pass along her wisdom at this time that we, as the human species, need to hear.

"We are world-weary and bored with the selfish, greedy ways of humanity and are sad you do not remember Mother Earth's ancient knowledge. We remember a time when you worked WITH Mother Earth and helped to sustain her sacred life. You no longer work with her and have taken much without giving back. That is why we are hunted. If Mother Earth cannot provide for us, where shall we go? Survival is in us. Everything suffers."

We have the inherent power within us to manifest and produce the necessary changes on all levels. Chloe has agreed to share her Tibetan roots of wisdom to help us remember how to come into balance with Mother Earth to help sustain all life.