Thursday, January 31, 2008

Solitude's Beauty

Solitude seems counterintuitive in today's busy world. Time alone isn't easy to come by and reserving time for oneself feels unnatural or unimportant. But all life is balance and, while we enrich our outer selves with activities and hobbies, we have the tendency to ignore the quieter inner self which is the source of creativity and serenity. Solitude, often wrongly equated with loneliness, can offer an opportunity to achieve a state of calm, focus on your creativity, examine your life, or contemplate your goals, without the distraction of the opinions of others or the background noises of daily life.

Cherokee, an elusive southern Bobcat, offers the above perspective to help us remember solitude is a must if we want to nurture our inner landscape.
Though it may seem impossible when there is so much to do, making the most of even a short period of solitude can rejuvenate your mind and energize your body. Once free of the random noise of daily life, it becomes easy to rediscover and re-evaluate interests, goals, passions, and joys, which will allow you to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your inner self. Take advantage of unexpected solitude whenever you can. If you find yourself caught in traffic, turn off the radio, and spend a few fulfilling moments de-stressing. Cherokee invites you to be quiet and observe. Witness what happens. This is Cherokee's secret for success.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You won't see me on a tour. I live among the bobcats. I keep to myself and have learned behavior from the other cats. I don't remember my family. I am a strong personality and don't like to be left out of whatever is going on. If I were on my own, I would need help, but I would be a force to be reckoned with. Most of the time, I stay in my den watching from a distance. I get very excited when spices are passed out, and you can see me waiting for mine. Don't let me quietness fool you. I am wild in my heart. Take a wild guess. Who Am I?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ask Us Why

Amazing Grace, our poet ocelot, is providing provocative thought as she shares with us another original poem from her heart.


Ask us why our life is not our own,
taken captive as our hearts quietly moan.
Our lives stolen without a single thought,
Only a price paid, sold, then bought.

Ask us why we suffer, no freedom in sight,
our souls in darkness, no glimpse of light.
Hands of man wrapped tight around our necks,
We cry and howl, all signs of emotional wrecks.

Ask us why we continue to give,
every moment our fullest that we may live.
A long time ago, we agreed to help each other heal,
By remembering all is illusion and only love is real.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dali Leopard Wisdom

Chloe, the female Snow Leopard at Big Cat Rescue, does not suffer fools lightly. She is very reserved and keeps her essence hidden from most people. It has taken over a year before she has been ready to talk and recently came to me and asked that I pass along her wisdom at this time that we, as the human species, need to hear.

"We are world-weary and bored with the selfish, greedy ways of humanity and are sad you do not remember Mother Earth's ancient knowledge. We remember a time when you worked WITH Mother Earth and helped to sustain her sacred life. You no longer work with her and have taken much without giving back. That is why we are hunted. If Mother Earth cannot provide for us, where shall we go? Survival is in us. Everything suffers."

We have the inherent power within us to manifest and produce the necessary changes on all levels. Chloe has agreed to share her Tibetan roots of wisdom to help us remember how to come into balance with Mother Earth to help sustain all life.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Musk Farewell

People who came to see the Big Cats would sometimes get a glimpse of Rashid, a Civet Cat, who wasn't really a cat at all. She and her partner, Stetson, had recently been moved to the center of the sanctuary and even though you could sometimes see them basking in the sun, they appeared to be "out of reach" or "too cool" for people to approach. These are a couple of the qualities associated with Civets.

Rashid, who has made her transition to a different realm, served her mission and knew it was time to start a new beginning and adventure elsewhere. She wants you to know that Civets are notorious for having a strange relationship with farmers who grow a particular Vietnamese coffee bean. As they cannot resist this bean, they will plunder plantations with excitement and over-stuff themselves. For the beans that do survive their digestive system, they are collected, ground and sold as a gourmet coffee known as "caphe cut chon" or Fox-Dung Coffee. The Civet is considered a type of fox in Vietnam.

In ancient times, coffee was considered a tonic that would boost energy and mental awareness. It also produced clarity and passion, so much so that the reigning rulers banned its consumption for fear of the people rising up and taking back control. You may notice today, that creative people gather in popular meeting places such as cafes drinking coffee. Is this a coincidence? This was the mission of Rashid, to help you remember that strange relationships can produce the most inspiring, creative and desired experiences in life. Thank you Rashid for blessing us with your wisdom. We will miss you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Giving is Receiving

The ancients knew in order to receive what you need, you must first give it to another. We are at a point in our history where we have no map to direct us. We are in unchartered territory. Not knowing which way to go, we can feel lost and not trust our feelings. Cody knows how it feels not to trust. If you are needing to trust your decisions, trust that the universe is supporting you or trust that you are doing the right thing, do as the ancients did, give what you need.

Cody is providing an opportunity for you to receive trust by giving him your trust. As you look into Cody's eyes, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Project a beam of light from your heart to Cody's heart. Ask Cody permission to speak with him. When you are ready, tell Cody you give him your trust that you will do everything you can to protect the environment and share with people that it is our responsibility to protect the animals.

Giving Cody your trust will allow that trust to come back to you multiplied. Giving someone or an animal your trust will also ensure you will never be lost, even if you are navigating new territory because on the inner level, you will always be in the right place at the right time. Cody gives you a heart hug as he feels your trust that will give him what he needs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Unwanted and rejected, it took me a long time to understand why I was not wanted. I don't like many people as I don't trust them. I fear I will get hurt. It's not that I am shy, I don't want to get close to people. I have a few favorite people who help take care of me. I live with another cat. We have recently been moved to a new Cat-A-Tat. I am very food aggressive and love enrichment. I don't like to share anything. I will often peek and see what is going on before coming out of my den. I am a very sensitive cat. Do you have a feeling Who I Am?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that every circumstance you are experiencing is there because you have attracted it to you through co-creation. What are you choosing to do with them?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Master Mind Group

Nikita, the beautiful African Lioness, has some of the volunteers commenting on how she has taken on the same characteristics of Sarabi, the other beautiful Lioness that crossed over last year. She gives heart hugs and roars just like Sarabi. Everyday, there is something that can be seen in Nikita that imitates Sarabi. This was not evident when Sarabi was still living at the sanctuary.

Is it possible that animals also have Master Mind Groups? As Napoleon Hill created the concept back in the early 1900's, he defined it as, "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony." It appears to me that Sarabi started a Master Mind Group before she left and passed her knowledge and responsibility to Nikita. After all, the big cats are working toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony to help us in our personal growth as we realize they are kindred spirits.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Shadow Knows

Cold winds blew in today as did an attitude from someone I had talked with before going to the sanctuary. I had a discussion with a woman about volunteering. The person felt volunteering was rather worthless because she wasn't recognized for all the things she did with a particular rescue group. When I arrived at the sanctuary, I was reviewing in my mind what she had told me when I heard Shadow talking. He was all stirred up about something, and I quickly told him I was on my way to see what was going on.

I could see Shadow slowly walking back and forth when I called his name. "Worthless? Worthless?"I didn't know if Shadow was asking me or saying this as a rhetorical reply after reading my mind. "How could this concern you, Shadow?" I asked. Knowing Shadow, a reply was in the works when he said, "I would starve if someone didn't feed me everyday. I would go thirsty because there would be no water. I would get sick and not feel good." I could see he had an obvious point, but still didn't make the connection until he continued saying, "What would I do if everyone didn't volunteer to take care of me? You aren't worthless, you are priceless."

At that moment, I knew people should not volunteer to get their emotional needs met. They should volunteer because of the deep desire to be of service and to help others who need it. From the perspective of the one being helped, a volunteer is a life line, and I thanked this big cougar for caring to share what The Shadow Knows.