Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trash or Treasure?

It has been said, "What is one man's trash is another man's treasure." Today, I was honored by helping to give enrichment to the small cats. Instead of being thrown away as trash, Christmas trees that had not been sold were donated by a local retailer, and the cats found new treasure.

The branches from the trees had been cut from their trunks filling the air with the aroma of fresh pine needles. The needles were soft and pliable ensuring they would not pose a danger to the cats. I counted the number of cats I would be treating and quickly filled a bag. So heavy where the branches, I dragged my sack along the ground, arousing the interest of several cats as I approached their Cat-A-Tats. Calling them by name, they magically appeared with their noses sniffing the air. Curiosity overcame them as they hurried to see what they could do with their new treasure.

I laughed as I some of them didn't waste anytime rolling on their branches, marking them by either rubbing or spraying, tossing them in their air, trying to twirl them as a baton and carrying them off to another area of their home. Others sat and asked, "Where's the meat?" A couple of the cats begged for another one after they quickly tore the branch apart wondering if something could really be this easy. Another day to be of service to BEINGS who constantly remind us what is truly important in life...compassion for one another.