Monday, December 31, 2007

To Be Continued

It is the last day of 2007. When this year started, little did we know some of our cats would be finished with their life purposes. The ancients knew when your life purpose was complete, NO-THING would or could keep you here. Animals are no different. When they are ready to leave, it is their timing, not ours. It is often difficult to accept because the love we feel for them resonates deep within our hearts.

The ancients also knew that with endings come beginnings because as the cats so profoundly point out, there is no beginning or ending, just a continuation of WHAT IS. When they leave, they are continuing their evolution elsewhere. We feel it as an ending because their physical presence is gone; however, their spirits remain.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate a new year. The animals had several important victories in 2007. Big Cat Rescue will continue to give voice to the Big Cats as they guide and communicate with us what is required to give them their freedom, a birthright which has been taken away by our ancestors and continued through tradition. We thank all the cats for sharing their wisdom and knowledge. We thank the cats that completed their purposes and continue to guide us as we become aware of WHO the cats really are.