Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Cat-mas!

Tiger Simba at Big Cat RescueToday is celebrating a birth that happened long ago, but we can celebrate a new birth that occurs every moment. Helping to care for the Big Cats is an honor and privilege, one that I would not be aware of if they had their freedom. BEING wild and able to BE who they are, they would come and go, seldom to be seen by human eyes. Caring for them in their natural environment demands awareness and responsibility on our part aswe become aware of the purpose all of us share in each other's lives, no matter what form life expresses itself.

Every moment, we have an opportunity to birth a new thought, a new realization, a new way of BEING that is in harmony with the One. There is nothing that happens anywhere that doesn't affect everything everywhere. The cats at Big Cat Rescue remind us we have forgotten this ancient wisdom. They reveal to us daily where we are out of balance and how to naturally return to wholeness. When we look into the eyes of the cats, we see how lost we are, yet see the love and compassion that it requires to remember our connection.

Today, let us BE the solution, not the problem. The Big Cats are compassionate companions leading the way as we awaken from the dark nights of our souls into the light that has always been there waiting our return. From the Big Cats, Merry Cat-mas!