Monday, December 03, 2007

Bobby's Heart Cravings

Bobby "Blue" Rose can eat until the cows come home. This is one of her favorite activities and loves food. It's not about eating, it's about passion, and her passion is food. She doesn't apologize for it, she just eats and eats more. As a result of her acting on her passion, she has blossomed. Bobby wants to know what you are craving so you too can blossom.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed right now? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you make time for what makes you feel good or are you following your passion? If not, Bobby "Blue" Rose purrs to invite you to go somewhere you can feel the earth beneath your feet. Take off your shoes. It is very important to take off your shoes and stand bare footed on the ground. This will assist you in connecting with Mother Earth and yourself. Take a deep breath, and feel the stress draining into your legs and into the earth. Visualize Bobby and observe her movements. Observe how she gracefully flows and conserves her energy for the important tasks. Notice how she goes after what she wants without hesitation.

Bobby is leading the way to help you get reconnected and grounded so you will know what you are craving in your life. Call on the spirit of the Bobcat when you have been around a lot of social activity and noisiness and need to withdraw into solitude and silence, so you can hear what your heart is craving. Bobby "Blue" Rose will help you see in your time of darkness and confusion. Send Bobby a heart hug, and thank her for her guiding spirit.