Thursday, December 27, 2007

Basking In Our Surroundings

A beautiful, warm winter day unfolded as the cats were laying in the sun. Everywhere I went today, they were sleeping and relaxing in any position you can imagine. Some of the cats have come from very difficult beginnings and have found a safe place to call home. As I was thinking how the sanctuary provides them a reassuring presence, so many of the cats started sharing with me how they were basking in their environment and how we could also.

As Sundari rolled on her back, she allowed the sun to penetrate into the depth of her being. Shadow was curled around Sugar enjoying some cozy moments. Canyon was nestled in his basket. Daisy's legs were in the air as her back snuggled the pine needles beneath her. Cameron was stretched as far as his body would allow soaking up the heat from the noon sun. Joseph and his pride had an overall sense of well being just by being in their new space.

The cats said the key to basking in your surroundings is being aware of the wonders we have been given. Allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the warmth and safety of our environment and loved ones can increase our awareness of the beauty that exists everywhere. Realizing we have everything we need at any given moment helps us to cultivate our feelings of contentment. There is nothing we lack. The universe has offered much. It is our responsibility to recognize the gifts and give thanks for being taken care of.