Monday, December 31, 2007

To Be Continued

It is the last day of 2007. When this year started, little did we know some of our cats would be finished with their life purposes. The ancients knew when your life purpose was complete, NO-THING would or could keep you here. Animals are no different. When they are ready to leave, it is their timing, not ours. It is often difficult to accept because the love we feel for them resonates deep within our hearts.

The ancients also knew that with endings come beginnings because as the cats so profoundly point out, there is no beginning or ending, just a continuation of WHAT IS. When they leave, they are continuing their evolution elsewhere. We feel it as an ending because their physical presence is gone; however, their spirits remain.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate a new year. The animals had several important victories in 2007. Big Cat Rescue will continue to give voice to the Big Cats as they guide and communicate with us what is required to give them their freedom, a birthright which has been taken away by our ancestors and continued through tradition. We thank all the cats for sharing their wisdom and knowledge. We thank the cats that completed their purposes and continue to guide us as we become aware of WHO the cats really are.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered your world is as big as your heart. How big is your world?"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Basking In Our Surroundings

A beautiful, warm winter day unfolded as the cats were laying in the sun. Everywhere I went today, they were sleeping and relaxing in any position you can imagine. Some of the cats have come from very difficult beginnings and have found a safe place to call home. As I was thinking how the sanctuary provides them a reassuring presence, so many of the cats started sharing with me how they were basking in their environment and how we could also.

As Sundari rolled on her back, she allowed the sun to penetrate into the depth of her being. Shadow was curled around Sugar enjoying some cozy moments. Canyon was nestled in his basket. Daisy's legs were in the air as her back snuggled the pine needles beneath her. Cameron was stretched as far as his body would allow soaking up the heat from the noon sun. Joseph and his pride had an overall sense of well being just by being in their new space.

The cats said the key to basking in your surroundings is being aware of the wonders we have been given. Allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the warmth and safety of our environment and loved ones can increase our awareness of the beauty that exists everywhere. Realizing we have everything we need at any given moment helps us to cultivate our feelings of contentment. There is nothing we lack. The universe has offered much. It is our responsibility to recognize the gifts and give thanks for being taken care of.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pool Cleaning Services

I often hear people comment on a cat's unexplained behavior with, "They are a cat!" I assume that no further explanation is needed as if knowing they are a cat answers everything. Point in fact, after several days of splashing and digging in his pool, a couple of the volunteers asked me to talk with TJ, one of the newly rescued tigers, what was behind this "silly" behavior.

The timing was perfect, as TJ demonstrated this behavior when I started talking with him. "It's dirty," TJ pronounced as I asked him if he was having fun. "It's hard work pawing all of this dirt," he replied. "It doesn't look like hard work TJ," I responded as I continued to laugh. "There's one spot that is bothering me, and I am cleaning it." I thought for a moment, forgetting they can read your mind, wondering how much water was going to be left by the time he cleaned the spot.

He suddenly quit and looked up at me. He put his left paw in first, then his right paw followed by his entire body. He walked around in his pool several times and stopped. Then, as quick as a cat can move, he started "digging" again, leveraging his front paws with his strong back legs as the water flew everywhere. Waves of water were rocking back and forth when he looked back at me and said, "Done." With that, he flipped his tail up and jumped out of his pool. As I stood shaking my head, one of the volunteers came up from behind and asked me if I had talked with TJ. Yes, I had talked with TJ and found that he has a neat streak and doesn't like his pool dirty. Another thing a cat can do...pool cleaning services.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Cat-mas!

Tiger Simba at Big Cat RescueToday is celebrating a birth that happened long ago, but we can celebrate a new birth that occurs every moment. Helping to care for the Big Cats is an honor and privilege, one that I would not be aware of if they had their freedom. BEING wild and able to BE who they are, they would come and go, seldom to be seen by human eyes. Caring for them in their natural environment demands awareness and responsibility on our part aswe become aware of the purpose all of us share in each other's lives, no matter what form life expresses itself.

Every moment, we have an opportunity to birth a new thought, a new realization, a new way of BEING that is in harmony with the One. There is nothing that happens anywhere that doesn't affect everything everywhere. The cats at Big Cat Rescue remind us we have forgotten this ancient wisdom. They reveal to us daily where we are out of balance and how to naturally return to wholeness. When we look into the eyes of the cats, we see how lost we are, yet see the love and compassion that it requires to remember our connection.

Today, let us BE the solution, not the problem. The Big Cats are compassionate companions leading the way as we awaken from the dark nights of our souls into the light that has always been there waiting our return. From the Big Cats, Merry Cat-mas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Understanding the Defense

It is Christmas Eve and perhaps you have been shopping all day. Unfortunately, some people will be rude and impatient. It can be very confusing when you feel threatened by people reacting inappropriately. Your buttons can be pushed, and you find yourself acting in a defensive manner. It's easy to react unless you have a heightened awareness that allows you to see through the other person's defense mechanisms.

Enya, a South American Cougar, has felt scared in her new surroundings. Instead of putting up walls and withdrawing, she knows to be quiet, listen and watch to see what is really going on. Enya has an idea that has helped her understand her defensive behavior. Sit down for a moment and close your eyes as you see Enya walking towards you. Ask Enya to help you think back to a time when you felt threatened and reflect upon how you guarded yourself, whether it was through anger, withdrawl or laughter. Remember the triggers for your reactions, and the fear you felt about allowing others in. This will provide the understanding you will need when you encounter someone who has their defenses up.

Allowing ourselves to remember our own ways of functioning, and the fears that made us put up our walls, gives us a way to empathize with another person or animal rather than simply analyze their patterns. Enya is teaching us to reach out with kindness and an open heart in order to help someone through their struggles. By understanding our defensive behavior through being quiet, listening and watching, we will be able to lower other people's guard and support their healing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am a pouncer. I like to catch things. I am a dainty cat even though I am a Big Cat. I also have a pretty face. I get scared easily. I have recently moved and am adjusting to my new home. There is more activity where I am now than I have ever had. Sometimes I will run and hide when I see something new that makes a loud noise. Most often, I am very curious and will follow you around. Are you curious Who I Am?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered that if we go extinct, so shall you. What do you do NOW?"

Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't Mess with Purr-Fection

The holiday season is in full gear. People are rushing around trying to buy the latest gadget or preparing for family reunions. Talking with people lately, most of them are ready for the holidays to be over. Listening to how people are so stressed and fatigued, I wanted to know what the cats thought about all of this busy-ness.

I never know who wants to talk or what they want to talk about. I just keep an open heart and listen. When I asked the question, "What do you think about the way people go crazy this time of the year?", here is what I heard.

"Don't mess with Purr-Fection," came the answer in a dainty, very feminine voice. "You don't remember you are purr-fect, so you are always TRYING to do this or BE that or buy something that will be purr-fect. BEING in a state of TRYING gives the illusion of impurr-fection. When you remember you are purr-fect, you will quit TRYING to BE or get anything. You will realize you are and have everything you need." Simple wisdom from Purr-Fection, the most beautiful Ocelot you will ever see.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trash or Treasure?

It has been said, "What is one man's trash is another man's treasure." Today, I was honored by helping to give enrichment to the small cats. Instead of being thrown away as trash, Christmas trees that had not been sold were donated by a local retailer, and the cats found new treasure.

The branches from the trees had been cut from their trunks filling the air with the aroma of fresh pine needles. The needles were soft and pliable ensuring they would not pose a danger to the cats. I counted the number of cats I would be treating and quickly filled a bag. So heavy where the branches, I dragged my sack along the ground, arousing the interest of several cats as I approached their Cat-A-Tats. Calling them by name, they magically appeared with their noses sniffing the air. Curiosity overcame them as they hurried to see what they could do with their new treasure.

I laughed as I some of them didn't waste anytime rolling on their branches, marking them by either rubbing or spraying, tossing them in their air, trying to twirl them as a baton and carrying them off to another area of their home. Others sat and asked, "Where's the meat?" A couple of the cats begged for another one after they quickly tore the branch apart wondering if something could really be this easy. Another day to be of service to BEINGS who constantly remind us what is truly important in life...compassion for one another.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


The cats ask, "WHAT IF........You were aware and remembered you don't control anything. Would that change how you treat us?"

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bobby's Heart Cravings

Bobby "Blue" Rose can eat until the cows come home. This is one of her favorite activities and loves food. It's not about eating, it's about passion, and her passion is food. She doesn't apologize for it, she just eats and eats more. As a result of her acting on her passion, she has blossomed. Bobby wants to know what you are craving so you too can blossom.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed right now? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you make time for what makes you feel good or are you following your passion? If not, Bobby "Blue" Rose purrs to invite you to go somewhere you can feel the earth beneath your feet. Take off your shoes. It is very important to take off your shoes and stand bare footed on the ground. This will assist you in connecting with Mother Earth and yourself. Take a deep breath, and feel the stress draining into your legs and into the earth. Visualize Bobby and observe her movements. Observe how she gracefully flows and conserves her energy for the important tasks. Notice how she goes after what she wants without hesitation.

Bobby is leading the way to help you get reconnected and grounded so you will know what you are craving in your life. Call on the spirit of the Bobcat when you have been around a lot of social activity and noisiness and need to withdraw into solitude and silence, so you can hear what your heart is craving. Bobby "Blue" Rose will help you see in your time of darkness and confusion. Send Bobby a heart hug, and thank her for her guiding spirit.