Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TJ's Inner Warrior

Have you ever felt trapped and didn't know what to do? TJ, one of the new tiger rescues at the sanctuary, felt the same way. He was trapped and caged for years, but the spark within never went out. Did you know you also have this inner spark? It may be underdeveloped for several reasons. Don't focus on the reason. Focus on how to realize it and help it to awaken. TJ wants to serve as a role model to help your inner warrior awaken.

If you feel the fiery essence within has barely been a spark, TJ asks, "Do you desire this sleeping ally to wake up?" If so, it is very simple. TJ says close your eyes and visualize him on a daily basis. He is going to serve as your role model that embodies the qualities of strength, courage, vitality and confidence. Know these same qualities are within you. Confirm you have the ability to handle this energy in a responsible way and trust as you act to use it. "Quantumplate" TJ's strength to stand up for himself. See him as a spiritual Being who persevered in horrific conditions and who doesn't hesitate to demonstrate what he likes and doesn't like.

By working with TJ as a role model, you will be remembering these same qualities that are within. All you have to do is act as though you remember and before long, when you need to stand up for yourself, you will. When you have a dream, you will know you have the courage and fortitude to see it realized. The next time you are scared, this inner fire will assist you in moving forward. When you feel like stoking the fire, feel TJ in your heart as he guides your inner warrior.