Monday, November 12, 2007

Stellar Dreamtime

If you had no words to convey who you are to someone, how would you do it? Long before we developed verbal communication, every living creature received information through "quiet knowings." Jade is sharing insights into why stars form in the shape of animals and how this information can help us.

Jade invites you to join her in a dark area where the stars can be seen at night. As we look up at the night sky with Jade, the "Star Power" connects us with our ancestral roots, something that has no words. The star Beings communicate information to us by means of shapes and symbols. It is their alignment that creates the communication that is received at our cellular or DNA level and is processed by our heart. This is the "quiet knowing" that comes from observing the formations.

Science has proven sacred geometry conveys information just like the star formations. This is
heart language. The animals in the sky can help us remember this universal language if we listen in stillness. Jade knows there is power in stillness and in the stars. Dream tonight about Jade and thank her for the memories found in the star power.